B2B Newsletter: November 26th 2021

A massive thank you to everyone that came out to either take a stall, leaflet or just enjoy the day on Saturday. The weather tried to dampen our spirits but thankfully the public came out on-mass to support the town centre. With footfall estimated at 5,000+ additional visitors to the town through the full day, this far exceeded expectations and provided the area with a much-needed boost. We designed the day to ensure that the location was in the central BID area to ensure visitor movement was maximised to support as many businesses as possible and we are delighted with the feedback received so far…

And we’re doing it all again!…..

We’re back this Saturday with the market using the same format as August.  If any BID business is interested in a stall or wants to use this as a marketing opportunity please get in touch!  Click here

Stallholders please note: Stalls provided are traditional market stalls with an inbuilt table and no backs or sides. This stall type enables the market to operate in higher wind conditions which we seen last Saturday and will be present this Saturday. Whilst this does not provide as much vendor protection it does however allow the market to trade through winter conditions. Additional backs can be clipped on in low wind and the sides can also be covered. However, these may need to be removed if we deem this a safety risk. This Saturday is set to be very cold and wind gusts are high but within tolerance levels….so please wrap up warm!

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