B2B Newsletter: August 9th 2023 – Hamilton BID

Hamilton Market returns this Saturday – Road closure reminder:

We’re back this Saturday on Quarry Street with our market and entertainment, timed to coincide with the back-to-school peak period. As per usual, the road will be closed 10am to 6pm, however if there are any specific access request related to deliveries, please let us know the details and we will support. Stalls are available at zero cost to businesses in the area, therefore, if interested in this date or any others, please get in touch by emailing malcolm.thomasharley@hamiltonbid.org.

Christmas 2023:

We will shortly start the process of planning around the festive season events. This year we are keen to follow the model introduced for Pride that showcased a wider range of events across the area in one event guide. If you are planning Christmas events, we would be delighted to include these in our Hamilton Christmas festival guide 2023 PDF launching in under 3 months at the end of October. Whilst Christmas seems a long way off we know many organisations are already well underway with planning. Please get in touch at malcolm.thomasharley@hamiltonbid.org to be included in the guide.

Pride South Lanarkshire:

Following the events in July we are collating public feedback to better understand how the event could be developed and to assess impact. If you attended the event, we would appreciate your feedback via the form.

Some highlights from the public feedback received so far. 30% of visitors travelled to Hamilton from outside of the South Lanarkshire area and 66% were not from Hamilton. All respondents want the event to return and believe it was important.

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