B2B Newsletter: 10th November 2020

In the coming days, every levy-paying business will receive this update from the BID. We’re also sharing via this e-shot as we want to ensure everyone is kept up to date …

To all levy-payers …

As we continue to live with restrictions across different parts of Scotland, I want to reassure you that we are here to support you through the uncertainty.

We are open and on the streets daily – listening to you, helping businesses and shaping the path ahead.  I’ve been in the role for 5 weeks: in that time, I’ve spoken directly with over 90 owners and managers of businesses. Thank you for the warm welcome received.

When restrictions ease, I’m absolutely confident that consumers will get back to their habits very quickly. Our job is to make sure we are all ready for when that time comes – to be able to hit the ground running with new and exciting initiatives that will drive business for everyone’s benefit.

In the meantime, it’s really inspiring to see so many businesses adjusting their models wherever possible to deliver in the Covid world – supporting customers as never before.

The BID, too, has had to adapt to ensure you continue to get the great level of service you’re paying for through your levy. We may not be able to support the events’ programme that has been the BID’s historic focus, but our current strategy – shaped by our conversations – is making a positive difference and we will do all we can to ensure that support continues. At this time – more than ever – businesses need support.

I am honoured to have this opportunity to work for you and our town. We are here, we are listening and we are striving hard for you and our community.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Thomas-Harley, your BID manager.

The here and now …

  • Shop Local Billboard Campaign: to ensure the people of Lanarkshire and Hamilton know we’re open and trading with a clear shop local call to action. The estimated opportunities to see the campaign are a whopping 33m.
  • Shop Local Videos: a vibrant, people-focused and positive campaign with shop local messaging. We’re promoting businesses within the BID area through targeted social media ensuring we reach customers now as well as in the event of any further restrictions. We estimate a reach of 400,000 across our core catchment, delivering a powerful video campaign through Christmas.
  • Digital & Social Channels: we are encouraging businesses to use our platforms to reach out directly to customers. Levy payers can feature on our platforms – 6,000+ following on social plus 12,000+ subscribers on email. We provide substantially increased reach, engagement and interaction to help drive greater awareness and business – essential now, regardless of any ongoing uncertainty.
  • Communication & Support Hub: we continue to provide levy payers with grant availability, help and information via face-to-face meetings as well as weekly mailings and the Support Hub section on our blog site. 
  • Breakfast Briefings: we are launching a weekly breakfast club via zoom from Friday 20th November to ensure you have a robust level of support. not only enabling us to share key information to support your business but also for you to feedback and ask questions about the days and weeks ahead. It will be weekly and open to all to connect whenever you wish. Joining details will be sent direct via email. I will continue weekly visits – and you are free to contact me at any time if needed.
  • Project development: everyone has had to adapt in 2020. Your BID has been no exception. As a result, we’re working on a review of events and plans for new activities for 2021-22 … forever conscious of our business diversity as well as the ongoing challenges we all face. Plans for new projects will focus on driving awareness, business and support, conscious of the need for flexibility. More will be shared in the coming weeks. We may not have full control of the path ahead, but – working together – we can help to shape what the town can and will deliver for our residents, visitors and wider community. Thank you.

Sell online …

Worried about ongoing restrictions that might affect your ability to sell face to face? Our new e-commerce platform provides you with the opportunity to sell and promote products and services online. Access is free for businesses to set up and use. As we are facing such uncertain times, it is really key that businesses make the very most of online opportunities. Please get in touch with me if you want to get your products and services online.

We can help to set you up – and provide you with access to our toolkit to help manage your pages.


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