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Our latest business profile visits the Mortgage Information Centre based on Quarry Street in Hamilton. We caught up with founder, Rob Robertson, to discover more …

Mortgage Information Centre launched in July 1995 and since then has “helped thousands of people in Hamilton and across Lanarkshire, Glasgow and the West of Scotland to achieve their financial goals” through their full range of professional, financial services.

First and foremost, the company is a mortgage broker and works with clients to help on the purchase or re-mortgage of their homes.

The company employs five brokers – Rob Robertson, Donald MacKay, Frank Breen, Jennifer Neil and Andy Chalmers.

We asked Rob how he set up the business. He explains: “I worked as a mortgage broker for two large estate agents. There seemed to be a lack of impartial, independent advice … whether from the banks, building societies or from the larger agents. I thought ‘what if I set up a independent mortgage brokerage firm that did not have any estate agent ties’ … and that’s how Mortgage Information Center was born.” He adds: “I identified a gap in the market and we have been filling that need ever since.

So who are the company’s customers? Rob says: “Whether you are a first time buyer or wish to re-mortgage your home, a first time landlord or an experienced one, we can help you along your journey.” He adds: “We can also now assist you with the current Scottish First Home Fund scheme.

Rob adds: “Getting a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.” But Rob highlights the pitfalls, saying: “There are many mortgage products to choose from and not all will suit your personal circumstances.

That is their task – to match their customers with the best possible advice and offers. Rob adds: “There are also many mortgage brokers who specialize in different areas. That’s why you need guidance from a qualified, impartial mortgage adviser. We have access to a wide range of mortgage deals and rates, including some mortgage products which are not generally available to the public directly.

Rob and the team are very proud of what they offer: more than a quarter of a century of successful trading, serving the people of Hamilton, Lanarkshire and the west of Scotland.

Need more?

When restrictions allow, you can visit them at their office at 52 Quarry Street (ML3 7AU).

Call them on 01698 283301 – their phone lines are open until 8pm, seven nights of the week.

You can also follow them on Facebook via this link.

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