About Us

Hamilton BID – a great place to do business

Hamilton is a traditional Scottish market town and a business centre that has always kept a keen eye to the future.

Hamilton Our Town has been set up by the Hamilton Business Improvement District (Hamilton BID). This is an independent organisation set up by retailers and business owners to promote the benefits of shopping and doing business in our town. Hamilton BID is an entirely separate entity from the Local Authority and is not a new funding stream for South Lanarkshire Council.

Hamilton BID is all about taking pride in our town, our history and our future. We are responsible for a number of projects and services that seek to improve footfall to the town. These initiatives range from improving the external appearance of the town through property facelifts, floral enhancements and street furniture, through to promotion of the town as a retail centre through the Hamilton Our Town website. We also work closely with South Lanarkshire Council to help revitalise the town centre and to attract new business to Hamilton.

Hamilton BID is funded through a small weekly levy on all businesses within the BID area, based on the value of commercial property. To find out more about Hamilton BID and the important work that we do to promote the ongoing success of the town, please follow this link http://www.hamiltonbid.org/

Board composition

The number of BID Board Directorships (12) was set by the BID Steering Group, as detailed in the Business Plan, which was circulated with the ballot papers.

Directors are required to attend, at least, five of the six Board meetings per annum, including an AGM. In addition, Directors are asked to become involved in sub-groups to oversee specific larger scale projects, and occasionally to assist in the promotion of Hamilton BID Limited.

The Board structure aims to be representative of the types of businesses and stakeholders in the BID area. The number of Board Directors, to represent each business sector, was set after the ballot by the Steering Group.

The Board make up aims to mirror the following breakdown-

 Sector                                                                                             Number of Places

Social/other sectors                     Church/charity sector                                              1

Councillors                                      South Lanarkshire Council                                   2

Retailers                                          3 independent                                                         3

Retailers                                          2 nationals                                                                2

Office based                                   Legal/financial/ est. agents                                    2

Evening economy                          Licence trade                                                           1

Evening economy                          Restaurants / entertainment                                  1             

 The members of our current Board are listed opposite, along with a short biography